Do you know that disoriented feeling? That moment when your brain starts acting like a Christmas tree? When it blinks in all directions? That’s the perfect time to consider serious mental housekeeping.

As a professional musician, composer and band/project leader, maintaining a steady work-flow and an intense level of creativity is crucial. Enabling my self to have a singular point of focus keeps me centered and calm.

I call it “mental housekeeping.” Cleaning out unnecessary clutter from my thoughts and leaving open space. From this space I can create freely, I can trust my intuition, be spontaneous and maintain a high level of concentration.

The singular point of focus I am talking about is our energy center. It resides just under the navel. The essential tool that connects us to this center is breathing. Breathing is our life force, the rhythm of our existence.

During our encounter we will test breathing techniques and experience the effect they have on our body. We will taste the hidden power of music and its ability to shift our focus when needed. We will experience how melody and rhythm effects our brain activity and learn to sense the unique potential in silence.


Issues we will work with include:
- What does being centered really mean?
- Sharpening our auditory sense and ability to listen.
- Awareness to breathing and its impact on our daily life.
- Improving our memory and learning abilities.
- Boosting creativity and raising productivity level.
- Strengthening social ties and comunication skills


1 hour workshop 4.500 kr.
2 hours workshop 7.500 kr.

OXYVOX is flexible to change the length and structure of the workshop, in order to fit the customer's need.

Workshops will take place at the customers own choice of location .
All is needed is a large room, chairs and a whiteboard.
OXYVOX will provide all the musical items necessary.

OXYVOX is flexible to run workshops in and out of work hours. Weekends are also available.



My international music career spans 20 years and 10 album. I have toured and recorded with well-known jazz artists such as Randy Brecker, Adam Nussbaum and Marilyn Mazur among others. Was awarded The Danish Jazz Grammy in 2000 and Composer of The Year Award in 2005. The Danish Music Awards nominated my latest album for “Best Vocal Jazz Album of 2014.”

Besides my work as a musician:
I am a music teacher, producer, coach, project manager, trainer in creative communication, breathing and voice meditation instructor and DJ.

2013-15: Dancing Sword Practitioner (Physiology & breathing techniques)
2014-14: Facilitator of Collective Creative Processes
2011-13: KEA - Multimedia Design & Marketing
2009-10: NLP Business Practitioner
1988-90: Berklee College of Music, Boston
1985-88: Rubin Academy of Music & Dance, Jerusalem