It’s important to understand that voice meditation is for everyone. Being able to sing or intonate correctly is not important.

It is a joint meeting of voices where you practice a deeper dimension of consciousness and encounter sound vibrations and energy flow, both on a personal and collective level.

Through voice meditation we experience sound that comes from within, that communicates in a completely different level than words. Not intellectually, but intuitively.


- Release unnecessary tension.
- Experience a high level of mental focus.
- Getting familiar with your “inner voice.”
- Allowing your self to be your self.
- Distributing positive collective energy.
- Inspiring, expressive and giving.
- Feel relieved and purified.

Practical info

regarding voice meditation session:
- Duration: 1 hour.
- Participants: 4 – 10.
- The program includes 10 minutes of warm-up and breathing exercises, 30 minutes of voice meditation, 10 minutes of silence and the rest, where we share our experiences from the session.


Meditation is not about becoming a singer. Meditation with Dalia is about opening up, finding your voice and implementing it into the other mediators’ voices.

Dalia emphasizes the importance of correct breathing in her sessions, which I find most necessary in everything we do in our lives.

With Dalia’s lovely energy and warmth, the voice meditation sessions have each time brought me into a state of joy, magic and flying voyage.

Oxana Solè

Dalia Faitelson facilitates weekly voice meditation sessions, which I am delighted to have participated in.

With a natural authority, but also great openness, Dalia guides the group through a very open process where anything can happen (and happens).

Despite of changing group features and different mix of personalities at every session, Dalia always succeeds to create a good atmosphere and present good leadership.

I would like to give Dalia my warmest recommendations.

Maria Sita Simonsen

Elated, energized and happy - highly recommended!

Dalia Faitelson is always committed to create, welcoming and relaxed environment around a handful of engaged people with at least one thing in common - using their voices invitingly.

Initially, I was shy and somewhat controlled during the sessions, but quickly I learned to let go. It was a very unique experience - even more so because of the fact that several of us felt exactly the same way.

Every session of voice meditation makes me feel more energetic, and positive, while I learn more about my own abilities, strength and depth.

I give Dalia’s voice meditation 5 big points out of 5.

Christina Munck Feilberg