OXYVOX presents the hidden power of music, which enables us to access deeper dimensions of perception & creativity.

Music has much greater potential than just pleasure & entertainment.
It’s a powerful and resourceful communication tool.
Music creates strong social ties and can transcend monolithic barriers of age, language
and culture.


OXYVOX offers stimulating presentations and workshops that trigger all our senses.

The OXYVOX program includes both individual & team-building exercises, bringing
awareness of new angles to seemingly unsolvable problems. OXYVOX teaches us how to collect our scattered minds by shifting our focus, leading to a much enriched level in our production and to a better balance in our lives and workplace.

Music is a medium that every person can exploit to express one’s need to be creative, and
to re-channel our minds to think outside the frames that we are trained to process through.


The benefits we gain from using the OXYVOX method include:

• A sharpened auditory sense and ability to listen.
• A stimulating, fun and inspiring creative experience.
• Improved memory and learning abilities.
• The ability to promote constructive sociality.
• An openness towards and capacity for generating new ideas & making better decisions.


The OXYVOX sales package includes:


We experience how music can affect our hormone secretion, breathing, heart rate
and brainwaves. We train to feel music not only through our ears but also through vibrations passing through the rest of the body.


Through diverse music improvisation games we train to break/shake off judgment calls that limit our communication, leading to a positive social ambience and improved teamwork. Working with improvisation helps us become less judgmental and opens us to new learning.


Breathing is our life force, the rhythm of our existence. We train to become aware of our breathing, which stimulates our mind and our body. Correct breathing brings on relaxation and helps improve our internal organ function.


We train in how to create an open and focused space, by learning how to trust our intuition, be spontaneous and maintain a high level of concentration. This leads to raised creativity levels.